China Summer 2018

I apologize in advance for late entries, I have limited/restricted/no internet access.


After all of us American students arriving at Beijing airport, we departed to Chongqing by airplane. We had to check-in at 4:00 PM and the plane took off at 6:30 PM. We arrived at Chongqing airport and departed to our dorms. We arrived at the dorm at around 10:00 PM. Gwen told us, the American students, what rooms we will be living in. They gave us backpacks with a notebook, itinerary, and water bottles inside. This is the first time where I saw and used a squat toilet.




We all had breakfast in the cafeteria, that’s where we met the two students from Ireland. After breakfast, we all walked to our “Welcome Meeting” so that we could be informed of the trip China. We had a lecture on “Chinese Philosophy” where we learned about philosophy, culture, and politics. After that class, we had scheduled a “Hot Pot(火锅 )” dinner at 渝九香火锅 with everyone there. At the hot pot dinner that night, we all tried

Hot Pot Dinner at 渝九香火锅.

new food and learned more about Chinese cuisine. A hot pot dinner is where the middle of the table is a boiling bowl of broth and there are ingredients in there, such as vegetables, garlic, or oil. The food that is cooked is also on the table, it has raw meat or vegetables that lay on the table waiting to be placed in the bowl. Once placed in the bowl, you must let it sit in there so that it can cook before you eat it.

我们吃了早饭在餐厅,哪里我们见面二个爱尔兰的同学。以后早饭,我们去了在“欢迎会议”所以我们会学习关于我们的旅程在中国。 我们上课“中国哲学课”哪里我们学习了关于哲学,文化,和政治。上课以后,我们去了火锅晚餐在渝九香火锅跟每人。在火锅晚餐,我们吃了不一样的饭和学习了关于中国的饭。蔬菜,大蒜,和油里面一个大碗跟沸腾肉汤在火锅晚餐。肉和蔬菜在上面等待放在碗里。里面碗以后,它们会做饭之前你吃。



That morning, we walked to the Diaoyu Cheng (钓鱼城) Museum and learned a lot about the ancient Chinese army. We proceeded to the talent show where the freshman and sophomores performed for us. After the talent show, we ended the day with a party that Prospect College hosted to celebrate everyone. There was a lot of music, dancing, food, and people who were there.

Diaoyu Cheng (钓鱼城) Museum


我们早上去了钓鱼城博物馆学习了关于古中国军队。我们去了在达人秀。一和二年学演出。达人秀以后,我们去了派对。Prospect College主办了这是派对对于每人。在哪里有音乐,跳舞,吃饭,和人。





We went on a trip to visit a local community to learn their culture and we had lunch at a family’s house. My family made us a hot pot (火锅) lunch with spicy food. We then visited the Diao Yu Cheng (钓鱼城) site. Once we got back to campus, my roommates took me to eat dinner to eat spicy hot pot (火锅). We ended our day with painting the logo for Prospect College.

我们去了本地社区吃午饭吃午饭在一个家庭的房子。我家人厨师了辣火锅午餐。午餐以后,我们去了钓鱼城。钓鱼城以后,我的中国室友了我在辣火锅餐厅。辣火锅餐厅以后,我们的当天的最后一堂课是绘画可。我们涂料Prospect College商标。



We started the day by attending a lecture on “Local Religions.” We learned the differences between the different practices. We later went to a big supermarket to just look around. We then went to a tea shop for a little tea party by the river. We then went to the movie theaters to watch the movie “A Quiet Place” which was a scary movie.

我们的早课是“本地宗教课”。我们学习了分歧跟宗教。本地宗教课以后,我们去了看大大超级市场。大大超级市场以后,我们去了茶馆。我们也有了茶派对在河旁边。茶派对以后,我们去了电影院看了”A Quiet Place”。它是一个恐怖电影。



We woke up early to go visit the Da Zu (大足) rock carvings site. We saw many carvings that are aged hundreds of years old. There were many carvings of a religious context. After our long day at the Da Zu (大足) rock carvings, we came back to campus for dinner. We had class on calligraphy and how to properly write some Chinese characters.

我们早上去了大足Rock Carving Site。我们看了很古老Rock Carvings。我们也看了宗教Rock Carvings。大足Rock Carving Site以后,我们去了Prospect College吃完饭。我们有了书法课。我写了我的中文名字跟书法在书法课。



We went to the ancient town of Anju (安居). The town is filled with nature and vendors. We drove back to campus and had lunch. We then had a very interesting lecture on the history of plants in China. We learned about Ernest Henry Wilson and his 12 years in China exploring. After that lecture, we went to the recreational center to play sports activities with the other students.

我们去了安居。安居里面性质和供应商。安居以后,我们去了Prospect College吃午餐。午餐以后,我们去了植物的历史在中国客。我们学习了关于Ernest Henry Wilson。他去了中国十二年学习中国的植物。这是课以后,我们去了运动馆去运动跟中国学生。



We woke up early so that we can drive to the city of Chong Qing (重庆). It was raining that morning. We first went to the San Xia museum. We then took the subway and walked to have lunch at KFC. Their menus were really different and they did not have mac-and-cheese. We then went to the Yu Wang Gong museum. After our day in the Chong Qing (重庆), we took the train towards the airport and got on our bus to head back to Prospect College. We then had a farewell dinner with the students, teachers, counselors, and staff.

我们很早就行去了重庆。在上下雨了。我们先去了三峡博物馆。三峡博物馆以后,我们去了KFC晚餐。比它的菜单比美国KFC菜单非常不一样。KFC以后,我们去了禹王宫博物馆。重庆以后,我们坐火车了在飞机场。在飞机场,我们上车了往Prospect College。我们吃“告别晚餐”跟学生,老师,顾问,和员工。



We left Prospect College at 6:00 AM in order to be able to catch our flight to Xi’an (西安) at the airport. The only thing that I will not miss from Chong Qing (重庆) will be the spicy food. The airplane we took was an hour-long plane ride. Once we landed, we had lunch at the airport and had headed towards one of the emperor’s tombs. At the gift shop, I bought the ancient Chinese musical instrument “Xun (窨)”. All of the American students went to have McDonald’s for dinner.

我们六点上了Prospect College往飞机场因为我们有飞行在西安。我不喜欢辣餐饮在重庆。我喜欢吃不辣餐饮。我们的飞行是一个小时。 登陆以后,我们吃飞机场午餐和我们去了皇帝的坟墓。 在礼品店,我采购了古中国的乐器“窨”。我们美国同学去了McDonald’s晚餐。



Today we went to the Terra Cotta Warriors (兵马俑) museum. We got to see three different pits with the tombs of the warriors inside. At the gift shop, I bought a refrigerator magnet of a Terra Cotta Warrior. In the restaurant where we had lunch, we met Mr. Yang, the man who discovered the Terra Cotta Warriors on March 29, 1974. He and other farmers were suffering a drought, so they went digging and they wounded up finding the Terra Cotta Warriors buried. We had family style lunch today with a lot of noodles. After lunch, we went to Hua Qing Gong (华清宫) to look at how ancient structures were like in China. We got to see how their civilization and society was like.




In the morning, we went biking on top of the city wall in Xi’an (西安). It is a 40-kilometer trip. Our bike trip took one hour and fifteen minutes to complete. It was really hot that day and it was perfect to go biking. Once everyone finished biking, we went to eat at another locally famous noodle shop “First Noodle Under the Sun”. It was another family-style lunch with a lot of variety in noodles. After that, we went to a museum where we learned the history of the Tang Dynasty and the Silk Road trade. For dinner today, we again went to McDonald’s and did some shopping afterward.




Today, we went to the Da Ming Palace. We got to learn about that history, play with puzzles that were invented in that era, make pottery, and dig for Terra Cotta Warriors. I also go to see ancient Chinese percussion instruments that were used during that time period. We then saw a short film about a story of a prince and princess coming together in the Da Ming palace. We ended the day with going to lunch at a music hall and ate at a buffet styled restaurant. Because it is a music hall, I go to see some of the percussion instruments they had in stock where the musicians would sit. After lunch, we were let free to go to the Muslim Quarter for souvenir shopping. I bought a Di Zi, Flute, and two dragons. I accidentally dropped a cup at the market, and the owner made me purchase the cup. It wasn’t that expensive, it was less than two dollars. We ended our day with having dinner at McDonald’s, again.

我们今天去了Da Ming宫。我们学习了历史,难题,陶器,和挖掘兵马俑。我看了古代打击乐器。我们也看了一个电影关于公主在Da Ming宫。Da Ming宫以后,我们去了自助式午餐在音乐厅。因为午餐在音乐厅,我看了打击乐器在哪里!午餐以后,我们去了Muslim Quarter去购物。我买了Di Zi,长笛,和二个条龙。因为我在市场不小心掉了一个杯子,老板让我购买被子。它不贵了,我花了一十五元。我们晚餐在McDonald’s再次。